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the one that suites you best… the answer

How to pick the best medicare insurance to supplement your Medicare part A and Part B?

First you need to know waht is most inportant to you? Ask yourself these types of questions:

  1. Is the monthly premium most important?
  2. Is the overall cost of coverage most important?
  3. Is my total Out Of pocket most important?
  4. Is keeping my current doctors at the top of the list?
  5. Do I travel and want more benefits out of network?
  6. Do I want to have drug coverage?
  7. Am I willing to self-insure and manage more of a holistic approach to my cost over time?

All these questions will lead you to picking one of 5 options most lilkey.

1)MEDIGAP or MEDICARE Supplement that is purchased through an insurance company offering benefits in your area.

2) Medicare Advantage Plan that is offered as a benefit through medicare managed by a health plan

3) A Medicare Advantage Plan with a Prescription Benefit (MAPD)

4) A Prescription Drug Plan to add to your Medigap

5) Medigap Plus plan or a Medigap hybrid plan where you take a high deductible plan F and then put the difference into a medicare annuity to help offset the deductible or out of pocket costs, allowing you to have more control but making you be in control.

6) JUST TAKE MEDICARE PART A and PART B and pay all the out of pocket expenses not covered and own the risk 100% not sharing it with the insurance community.

So once you can answer te questions above your question of the TOP 10 MEDIGAP Companies becomes……

What Medicare Supplement is best for me?

call 1-800-MEDIGAP for answers from a licensed professional in your area

Top 10 medicare supplement insurance companies




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