Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes is the first national quality initiative recognizing that having nursing home residents and their families as participants is a key part of improving the quality of care in nursing homes.

Residents know best what life is like in a nursing home. Nursing home staff depend on you and your family and friends, when appropriate, to tell them how they can best meet your needs. Together with staff from all departments, you can be involved in improving the quality of care and quality of life of those who live and work in nursing homes. Your relationship with staff is key to good care.

The nursing homes that participate in the Advancing Excellence Campaign are voluntarily signing up to improve working conditions for staff and improve the quality of care provided. Each home is asked to choose three goals to work on during the next year such as reducing the prevalence of pressure ulcers or use of physical restraints or encouraging the use of consistent assignment.

At some nursing homes, the nursing home administrator, corporate office or board of directors will make the decision to participate and select the nursing home’s goals. At other homes, residents, families and staff members may be involved in the decision to participate and the selection of goals on which to work. In either case, the involvement and support of all residents will be important as nursing homes work to improve care and quality of life. Your ideas and suggestions about how to achieve your nursing home’s goals are very important to the nursing home’s leaders and staff, and quality improvement efforts.

If you become a Campaign participant, you would:

  • Receive regular updates related to Campaign activities
  • Participate in Campaign activities
  • Increase your knowledge about nursing home quality
  • Receive information on quality improvement efforts, including those specific to the goals your nursing home is working on
  • Learn how to ask your nursing home to become a Campaign participant
  • Become part of a national quality initiative that has helped nursing homes improve care and get needed resources to help them succeed.

Participants in the Campaign may include residents and anyone who cares about nursing home quality. Residents and others interested in quality of care and quality of life for nursing home residents are encouraged to






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