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advancing excellence in america’s nursing homes campaign

Families trust their lovedones to the nursing home system and we have a responsibliity as a community to ensure those who we have trusted with our lovedones are cared for with the highest quality of care , and must be the voice when they con not. Our self-regulating program driven by crowd engagements help increase awareness and opportunity for change.

Beneficiary and Family Centered Care (BFCC)-QIOs

People with Medicare and their representatives who have a complaint or quality of care concern can get help from their  Beneficiary and Family Centered Care (BFCC)-QIO (BFCC-QIO). BFCC-QIOs manage all complaints and quality of care reviews, EMTALA and other types of case review for people with Medicare and their representatives. Use the dropdown below to find the BFCC-QIO for your area.

Long Term Care Facilities reform program and communication platform

Reforming Long Term Care Facilities accountability to patients and families by leveraging crowd initiatives to create educational and development tracks.

Quality Innovation Network (QIN)-QIOs

Quality Innovation Network (QIN)-QIOs are responsible for working with health care providers and the community on data-driven projects to improve patient safety, reduce harm and improve clinical care at the local level. If you are a health care provider,  stakeholder or partner interested in learning more about these projects

The future of healthcare requires transparency and communication


Early Onset

My family was able to be with me, and they made it feel like home.

Robert Stock


Even old dogs can learn new tricks, but I feel like they truly valued my age and wisdom in the process.

shelly davis

Trauma Nurse

Front Line Workers should have direct access to change since we see the majority of policy play out in the real world.

Dr. Dave A.

Change is good, for the right reasons. Let’s make a plan based on outcome success and be flexible enough to go in the direction of quality of care for my patients.

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