Before the operatiion of the public group, the following good work was done:

History & Milestones

2010 Milestones


  • Successfully launched Advancing Excellence Phase 2
  • Updated technical assistance materials for multiple audiences
  • Added to and revised all goals; built target setting into every goal
  • Enhanced the website to make it even a more valuable resource
  • Developed and posted quality improvement monitoring tools for all 8 goals
  • Incorporated the Campaign; filing for nonprofit status submitted
  • Added staff to support increasing demand for Campaign presence in states and at stakeholder functions, e.g. staff made over 20 presentations at national and statewide meetings
  • Interviews with local radio stations reached 1.2 million listeners
  • Media mentions in general media, trade publications and academic journals e.g. New York Times, Provider Magazine, Health Affairs, etc.
  • Highlighted consumer interests and prepared new consumer tip sheet


  • Participation by nursing homes up 12% compared to same period for Phase1
  • Four states with 100% recruitment compared to only 2 for all of Phase 1
  • Nineteen states where more than 50% of NHs have joined the Campaign
  • Continued measureable improvement at the national level for restraints, pressure ulcers, and pain
  • New emphasis on organizational goals, particularly reduction of staff turnover and consistent assignment


  • Achieved the goal of a LANE in every state and DC (up from 49)
  • LANE Media Toolkit and LANE Guide to assist LANEs
  • LANEs are volunteering to be “incubators” to test new ideas and approaches
    • 15 states working on 22 projects to significantly improve an AE goal
    • LANEs in 4 states participating in the “Critical Access NH Pilot” to help reduce disparities in care in inner city NHs.

October 2006 through October 2009

  • Created an unprecedented coalition of 28 organizations representing nursing home providers, nurses, caregivers/support staff, medical directors, quality improvement experts, consumers, government agencies and foundations.
  • Recruited over 7,600 nursing homes – 47% of all nursing homes in the U.S. – to commit to working on at least three Campaign goals, generally in areas where they most needed improvement. Nursing homes that registered for the Campaign improved faster in clinical goals than homes that did not participate.
  • Achieved registration of at least 60% of nursing homes in 15 states, with two states reaching 100% participation. Twenty-two states have 50% or greater participation.
  • Recruited 2,100 consumers to join the Campaign to promote excellence in the quality of life and quality of care for nursing home residents.
  • Established an infrastructure of 49 Local Area Networks for Excellence (LANEs), which exists in almost every state to provide peer support, information, best practices and technical assistance to Campaign participants.
  • Demonstrated measurable progress toward reducing the prevalence of pressure ulcers, reducing the use of physical restraints, and improving pain management for long-term and short-stay nursing home residents. The Campaign’s national objective for reducing physical restraint use was achieved, allowing it to set a lower rate as a new goal for the coming year.
  • Received grants and support from recognized leaders in quality improvement, including the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and The Commonwealth Fund.
  • Developed an easy-to-use web site to provide free, practical and evidence-based resources to support quality improvement efforts in America’s nursing homes and engage consumers and nursing home staff in the Campaign.
  • Obtained news coverage in The New York Times, the Dallas Morning News, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Arizona Republic and an Associated Press article that was published in more than 100 newspapers and in trade publications including McKnight’s Long-Term Care News; Modern Healthcare and Contemporary Long-Term Care.

History & Milestones




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