Being part of the boomer generation has its pros and cons.

This article is from the perspective of a family member who has had elderly parents and happens to be in the insurance sector providing a very unique view from the inside out.

Jeff Cline – Son & CEO of 1-800-MEDIGAP

Boomer Benefits we will cover

  • Planning for retirement
  • Sheltering cash so it is not taken by the long term care facilities
  • Government Plans available to help
  • Taking away the keys
  • Deciding on long term care
  • Parenting upward
  • Preparing the grandchilderen
  • Is hospice the right choice?

Medicare Coverage HelplineS

There are 2 different help-lines one for the government and the benefits provided by the government, and the other is the MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT helpline designed to help connect you with an agent who can help you with the additional benefits you may need or require.


1-800-MEDIGAP is a national provider of insurance offering most of the top medicare supplement insurance, medigap, Medicare Advantage and related benefits including:

  • Medicare Supplement Plan G
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Prescription Drug Insurance
  • Long Term Care
  • How to Self Insure with a High Deductible back-stop

1-800-MEDICARE (it’s to many numbers-we know-sorry)

Medicare tool free number is owned and operated by the government and is designed to answer all of your medicare Part A and Part B questions, as well as disability and some SSI issues including topics like:

  • How to start medicare
  • How to replace my medicare card if lost
  • How much will be taken out of my Social Security Check

Call 1-800-MEDIGAP for helps with these questions:

What are the dates of Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP)

What medicare supplement plans are available in 2021

What is medicare supplement plan f and why can I not buy it now?

Why does medicare cover hospital stays but not nursing home?

Does the Medigap Plan cover stem cells, peptides and whartons jelly?

How to find a Peptide Doctor in my area is the next question we get.

What is the Special Election Period?

Who do I talk to if the Plan I have is not 5 star and I want to change to a 5 star plan?

Wat id Medigap Plus?

Are Medicare Supplement Annuities tax deductible?

Can I have a medicare supplement and a medicare advantage plan?

What is the least expensive way to get medigap coverage?

How do I stat medicare Part A and Part B?

How many days does medicare cover in a nursing home?

how many pints of blood will be paid for by medicare supplement core benefits

which medicare supplement plans offer silversneakers

when is medicare supplement open enrollment 2022

how much does medicare supplement plan g cost

what is the difference between medicare advantage and medicare supplement

within how many days after policy delivery can a medicare supplement

when can you switch from medicare advantage to a medicare supplement?

what is the average cost of medicare supplement insurance

what are the top 10 medicare supplement plans 2021

how do i pick a medicare supplement plan


Boomer Benefits Medicare Coverage Helpline




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