Medicare Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs)

Medicare QIOs nationwide are supporting the Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes Campaign through statewide outreach activities in addition to their work in the 9th Statement of Work (SOW). Many QIOs serve as LANE Conveners and/or Members for the campaign in their state.

CMS contracts with one organization in each state, as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands to serve as that state/jurisdiction’s QIO contractor. QIOs are private, mostly not-for-profit organizations, which are staffed by professionals, mostly doctors and other health care professionals, who are trained to review medical care and help beneficiaries with complaints about the quality of care and to implement improvements in the quality of care available throughout the spectrum of care. The mission of the QIO Program is to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, economy, and quality of services delivered to Medicare beneficiaries.


The QIO is the statewide organization that supports nursing homes in quality improvement. The QIOs may help participating nursing homes achieve Campaign goals, and provide resources to actively engage nursing home staff and consumers in Campaign activities.


Many QIOs may assist with:

  • Creating constructive relationships with statewide stakeholders who share a commitment to quality improvement including quality of care and life for nursing home residents.
  • Supporting Campaign activities throughout the state, including recruitment efforts, public awareness activities, the sharing of effective practices, and the communication of Campaign key messages.
  • QIOs may also:
    • Assist nursing homes in accessing their Advancing Excellence website user names and passwords (click here for a list of QIO contacts by state that can assist with Advancing Excellence usernames and passwords).
    • Collaborate and participate in statewide LANE activities.
    • Raise awareness about the Advancing Excellence Campaign and its goals.
    • Share materials developed by the national Campaign Steering Committee.
    • Recruit nursing homes, nursing home staff, and consumers into the Campaign and support their efforts to enhance quality of life for residents and staff.
    • Identify, develop and disseminate practical and evidence-based technical assistance resources to help nursing homes achieve their quality and organizational goals.
    • Communicate key Campaign messages to participating nursing homes, staff members, and consumers about national Campaign activities.

Medicare Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs)




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