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About us

Enjoy the best Premier Senior Marketing and Advertising Co-op

We specialize in the Baby Boomer and Senior marketing around the globe. With over 10million “High Intent” interactions a month we are help you grow your business for long-term success. 

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Brands That Leverage our Technology

We have hundreds of HIGH INTENT niche marketing opportunity designed to give us every opportunity to help your business grow, and in many cases get a FAST-START thanks to our “ALWAYS ON” technology using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning we are able to see success 80% faster than before.


The “Go-TO” help-line for medicare Supplements and Senior Insurance leverage our technology to drive their call center and marketing operations providing a 27% reduction in Cost Per Application and Increased Profitability.

ADS Eyewear

ADS Eyewear leverages the technology to drive HIGH INTENT traffic to their e-commerce store in a very compete competitive industry competing with brands who spend millions.

Esteemed Living

Providing long term care, assisted living and residential services Esteemed Living has picked US to help them attract new residents across the US.


If your in this market area, we can help you potentially DOUBLE OR TRIPLE your digital authority providing the exact formula to amplify your hard work. Every dollar you have spent from day 1 can finally receive all its potential value and more!

Senior Advertising Authority

Because of our earned healthcare and medical industry authority we have digital referrals from many of the hardest organizations on the planet like, CMS.90,, NYTimes (DA 93) 37 of the 50 state .gov sites, over 100 top universities, many of the top biotech companies, senior advocate sites like and hundreds more! YOU CANT BUY THIS TYPE OF EXPOSURE!!!!! Our niches include:

Long Term Care Facilities

We have several turn-key programs ready for quick deployment in the assisted living, nursing home, memory care, retirement community market.

Providers & Doctors

Most providers and doctors can start growing their practice or business using our “FAST START” program designed for patient referral acquisition in over 100 modalities.


Recent customer created an additional 50,000 referrals across a very competitive , very profitable biotech niche.

Senior Insurance

Medigap, Long Term Care Insurance, RX and all related retirement niches are included in our finance group.


Prospective, Retrospective and BIG DATA allow us to leverage research engagement differently. Give us a call to see how we can save you milli with de-identified health care data for sale through the exchange.


Counseling, Life Coaching, 3rd party providers, suppliers and more take advantage of our Virtual ASO and connect with all those we support by getting added to our co-op.

Scalable Client Referral Marketing System

We will create a TURN-KEY referral platform leveraging our proprietary technology and domain authority to deliver referrals into your business at a reduced rate focusing on High Intent business driving reduced operational costs and increased profitability.

Niche Quality Enhancement Program

Most of our customers have spent tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on their digital marketing efforts especially in the Domain Authority space. We are uniquely position to give you the credibility and laser focused quality to increase your market clout and fix your profile mix. Our proprietary technology is designed to monitor your current QUALITY SCORE and enhance it, in many cases up to 100% or more over time. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY – “ESPECIALLY IF YOU DONT HAVE A TON OF QUALITY” 

News, TV and Media

We offer a full service marketing platform including News, media and TV advertising, as well as earned media and more.!

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