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Covid Passport - Healthcare Quality Improvement Campaign

Covid Passport

With Covid here to stay businesses, health organizations and governments are trying to come up with strategies to protect employees and citizens. Many people believe that the rapid testing will be an Intercal part of that process but collecting the results and disseminating the information in a timely manner across multiple platforms Is going to be tricky. That is why we have developed a Covid Passport that will integrate into multiple systems allowing for easy access for employers, universities, schools, government officials to check your most recent test status.

Recommend Rapid AntibodyTesting Schedule

Front line Workers are recommended to get Covid testing every 3 to 4 days using a streamlined process and employer will know prior to starting the work week and halfway through the work week what the status of their employees are which will be possible through a Covid Passport, I Covid quick response kids and a professional healthcare advisor on staff doing regular monitoring and reporting. Graf public officials and highly exposed people to any public should be tested weekly


Government officials

Government officials should be tested weekly

Nursing Home

Nursing home and senior living should be tested weekly


Students should be tested every other week

Stay At-home Low Risk

At home individuals with low exposure to people should be tested monthly

Corporate & Group Covid Passports

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Corporate Covid passports

Corporate Covid Passport’s response By employers or groups who will take the financial responsibility but also want the ability to track outcomes allowing individuals to opt into the corporate program at multiple levels and multiple corporations so one test satisfies all needs allowing the individual to minimize tests and streamline reporting proficiency and internal/external communication in the event a positive test is flagged all parties acknowledge… It will be transferred to the corporate level sponsor as well as the individual and notification To those who have come in contact with Bass not only on GIP location and physical beacons or other tracking devices but physical tracking as well as background tracking in order to minimize the spread and communicate the risk opportunity

Government Covid passports

Government Covid passports will be maintained at the same level as corporate passports but also provide governmental access and agency access allowing the testing data to carry through providing a more efficient screening with organizations like TSA and other transportation type facilities Utilizers allowing for more streamline deficiencies and operational bottlenecks caused by Covid

Education passports

Institutions may be required if funded by the government to provide Covid passport reporting to ensure public safety And outbreak containment

COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Testing

Effective July 10th, all COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Testing now requires a quantitative. Our quantitative “Add-on” works with all COVID-19 tests, and our ONC Certified platform in interoperability allows us to easily to connect with any lab, provider, and employer for live-time and secure reporting.COVID-19 risks and deaths are increasing – and it’s not going away. We must take collective action to solve this problem. The key to a solution is pervasive testing.

Blue Button 2.0

⦁ Safely and confidently return to work with others in the program, have surgery, or travel

⦁ Submit results directly to your doctor and employer!

⦁ No longer carry along a piece of paper or a used test to prove results

⦁ Organize and analyze historical results in an effort to support intelligent return work strategies and mass management of remote employees during the pandemic. 

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