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We are dedicated to Advancing the Quality of Healthcare. This program was revitalized in 2020 by a group of concerned citizens, providers, doctors, researchers and facility owners because the work is important and the community needs access to programs and resources. We are activly looking for supporters to provider updated resources and information in the following areas:

  • Nursing Homes & Assised Living Facilities
  • Patient Care & Procedures
  • White-papers, Abstracts and Healthcare facing COVID

MWe are also adding Quality Campaigns in Medicare, Medigap Plans, Long Term Care, Regenerative Medicine, TelMedicine, COVID, and more…

Resources & Downloads

NHQC is dedicated to the overall health and welfare of our aging population. That is why we have teams dedicated to educations, validation, and training in […]
What is a Life Settlement? Few people really understand what a life settlement is or how it works. The term refers to cashing out a life […]
Visiual Analytics in healthcare The healthcare industry can no longer rely on time-consuming monitoring by employees, environmentally harmful reports in paper form, or unfathomable Excel tables. […]
This fact sheet, for any type of staff caring for a resident in a nursing home or assisted living facility, tells you all you need to […]
This document is a conclusive presentation that encompasses the perspective of antipsychotic reduction initiatives in the medical field. Slides are as followed: Faculty DisclosureLearning ObjectivesNational PriorityFDA […]
This Implementation Guide provides efficient, consistent, evidence-basedapproaches to advance care planning in Long-Term care facilities. It provides proper documentation on the practices necessary. The document also […]
A series of documents that provide various policy examples from a number of governmental offices circa 2005 Included policy groups are: U.S. Department of Health and […]
The provided document articulates that agitation in dementia is common, persistent, distressing, and can lead to care breakdown. Medication is oftenineffective and harmful. A brief overview […]
This Tracking Tool is an Excel workbook that you can use to track your residents’ mobility, change in mobility, timeliness of assessments, use of alarms and […]
This provided document is about a bacteria known as C.difficile that causes infections. Avoiding these infections is an essential part of any facility’s quality care routines […]
This documentation is an implementation guide to provide efficient, consistent, evidence-based approaches for assessing resident and family satisfaction with the quality of care. Notable examples for […]
Caring for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients can be difficult, but provided here is an article on the usage of “Habilitation Therapy” to help these patients in […]
Provided here is a presentation for facilities collaborating in Advancing Excellence’s Healthcare Quality Campaign, outlining procedures and suggestions to greatly improve resident satisfaction and improve both […]
Given below is a self-assessment tool for providers partnered with the Advancing Excellence program, providing a number of questions for both direct caregivers and caregiver leadership […]
This presentation is a quick step-by-step process for consumers to follow in order for them to be able to access information about their nursing home or […]
The document provided is a detailed exploration and emphasis on the importance of efficient processes for transferring patients between nursing facilities and acute-care hospitals and vice […]
Attached here is a document for providers in nursing homes and assisted care facilities designed as a checklist to determine suggestions towards areas that can be […]
Documentation from “Advancing Excellence” that states their complete milestones as of May 2009. The document reinstates all goals that were spoken of in previous meetings, that […]
This provided document is a tip sheet to better develop huddles for the staff of Long-Term care facilities. As a clarification, a Huddle is a quick […]
This provided document is a series of informational tables which are attributed to interventions in patient pain, and the methodology of doing such. A number of […]
This provided document is an assessment of the current hand hygiene routines and procedures within in long-term care facilities. Within is a provided survey for the […]
This provided document is an assessment of the current cleaning/disinfection procedures of C. difficile in long-term care facilities. Within is a provided survey for the current […]
This provided document is an assessment of the current containment procedures of C. difficile in long-term care facilities. Within is a provided survey for the current […]
The contents of the provided document address the usage of antipsychotic drugs and care for dementia patients in nursing homes. Here, patients and their families can […]
This change package is intended for nursing homes participating in the National Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative to improve care for the millions of nursing home […]
The included document is a questionnaire intended to help residents of nursing homes and families of residents in nursing homes talk to their chosen facility about […]
This document outlines each of the campaign’s main goals to improve the overall quality of a facility, including four clinical goals and four process-related goals. Facilities […]
The provided document is a presentation that articulates the steps Long-Term care specialists must undergo to reduce the unnecessary usage of antipsychotics in their facilities. It […]
This provided Webinar concisely enforces better practices regarding individuals that may need to be restrained for the safety of themselves, fellow residents, or facility staff. Notable […]
In this provided document there are dozens of great tips for choosing a nursing home for yourself or an aging family member. These tips and questions […]
This fact sheet is about the goal of improving staff stability within long-term care facilities. Most nursing homes measure how long their staff continues to work […]
This provided document articulates the frequency of hospitalizations in long-term care patients. Quality Care provides information on correcting practices and the procedures in the event of […]
One of the more notable issues plaguing many nursing homes is the ongoing battle to reduce the frequency of pressure ulcers in bed-bound or patients. This […]
This Fact Sheet is about person-centered care (PCC). It talks about how PCC can help you (or your loved one) get the care and support that […]
This provided fact sheet is documentation on safe procedures for decreasing chronic or interim pain symptoms in patients. It also is a responsible guide for attempting […]
The provided fact sheet speaks on the importance of increasing a patient’s mobility as a key part of maintaining quality health care for long-term residents. As […]
This fact sheet delegates the information on appropriate and responsible usage of antipsychotic medications for personal consumption. This document also informs the families of those using […]
This provided fact sheet informs caretakers and other necessary staff on a kind of germ called C.difficile that causes infections. The document speaks on how essential […]
This fact sheet focuses on the goals of consistent assignments in the healthcare field. Consistent Assignment (CA) is about the same nurses and assistants being assigned […]
A set of survey tools for those in healthcare to better understand their staff’s needs and concerns. The provided information and sample surveys will assist in […]
This document is a specialized guide for facilities in the Long-Term Care field that assists with issues of staff assignments. Said guide will assist management in […]
In retrospect of the poor practices in the Long-Term Care field today; the team at Quality Care brings forth a dedicated manual that provides and documents […]
Healthcare in nursing homes is one of the greatest concerns for any resident or loved one of someone living in one of these care facilities. Stewardships […]

Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes Campaign changes to National Nursing Home Quality Improvement Campaign and changes again to Healthcare Quality Campaign

In September 2016, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and its contractors continued the work of the Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes Campaign to make nursing homes better places to live, work and visit by promoting quality and performance improvement in nursing homes through individualized, person centered care. Subsequently, the Campaign continued and was renamed the National Nursing Home Quality Improvement Campaign.

The Campaign site was operated through a contract with CMS, which will end on July 17, 2019, and unfortunately, the site will no longer be supported by CMS but a concerned group of healthcare stakeholders has stepped to help fill the void left behind by government cuts. Please know we are not funded by CMS, and Medicare but will do the best we can to provide tools and resources to continue Quality Assurance in healthcare!