Prior to the public involvement, the group did many great things like:

The Advancing Excellence Campaign is organized for maximum effectiveness. It is governed by a Steering Committee that includes two members from each of the 28 coalition members. The Steering Committee meets in person four times a year and by telephone at least 1-2 times per month. In addition to the Steering Committee, there are six work groups. Members of the work groups are volunteers from throughout the country with specific expertise. The Advancing Excellence work groups prepare the majority of Campaign materials.






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Frontline workers and Care Givers  ..WE APPRECIATE YOU! We are dedicated to helping you provide the highest Quality of Care and working hard to help Advance Quality Care in America.

Facility Owners

If you are a facility owner, we understand your unique position especially during these crazy times that is why we are teaming with the top professionals in research, legal and government to help you rise to the occasion.