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Advancing Quality - Healthcare Quality Improvement Campaign
Long Term Care Facilities

Educating consumers about their long term care options and providing a way to communicate with long term care providers, facilities and carecivers.

Nursing Homes

With advances in science and technology the quality of care should alway be improving.

Hospice Care

Everyone in the healthcare process should full transparency.



About us

 Advancing Excellence 

In September 2016, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and its contractors continued the work of the Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes Campaign to make nursing homes better places to live, work and visit by promoting quality and performance improvement in nursing homes through individualized, person centered care. Subsequently, the Campaign continued and was renamed the National Nursing Home Quality Improvement Campaign.

The Campaign site was operated through a contract with CMS, which will end on July 17, 2019, and unfortunately, the site will no longer be supported by CMS but a concerned group of healthcare stakeholders has stepped to help fill the void left behind by government cuts. Please know we are not funded by CMS, and Medicare but will do the best we can to provide tools and resources to continue Quality Assurance in healthcare!

Providers & Networks

Our goal is to educate, equip and empower you the provider to work with-in your scope but still provide quality care. Consumers perception is driven by more than just outcomes and we are here to help you meet the growing need for transparency equipping you with the tools not only to provide you with a higher quality of care but enhance the perception and add value to your efforts in real time by leveraging our demand AI engine. 

5 Star Review Program

We have launched a patient review portal with all facilities that allows patients and families to provide real-time feedback about care and quality of service. PROVIDERS CAN GAIN FULL ACCESS TO ALL INTERACTIONS AND PROVIDE REAL-TIME FEEDBACK!

Community Engagement

We are working directly with stakeholders who make improvements based on your suggestions and feedback using our network of providers, caregivers, doctors, scientists and volunteers who are dedicated to keeping QUALITY on the TOP OF EVERYONES mind even in these crazy COVID times. Chaos is not an excuse for lowered standards of care!

A few things we’re working on to support the community

Our goal is to continue the hard work of those who have gone before us and if at any time you or your group would like to contribute or help in our efforts please call 972-800-6670.

Providing Technical Assistance

Care Improvement through Innovation Spread

Supporting and Convening Learning

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Action Networks

our goal

to change the nation

Support a continuously evolving network of dedicated and committed experts in quality improvement, working together in partnership with multiple entities, patients and families to improve health care, support the creation of healthy people in healthy communities and lowering costs through improvement.

Together we can change health care 

Improving Care Transitions Leading to the Reduction of Readmissions

Improving Individual Patient Care

Reduction of Health Care Acquired Conditions including Hospital Acquired Infections; Reduction in Adverse Drug Events; Quality Reporting and Improvement

Integrating Care for Populations and Communities

Improving Care Transitions Leading to the Reduction of Readmissions

Beneficiary and Family Centered Care

Quality of Care




Improving Health for Populations and Communities

–Promotion of Immunizations and Screenings

–Cardiovascular Health Campaign

–Diabetes Disease Management Campaign

–Elimination of Health Disparities

Reducing potential for adverse drug events

drug events prevented
improvement in control
Overall Gain

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“Providers and Facilities only.”
This portal is designed for doctors and professionals in the healthcare industry.

Engage With Us

We are excited you want to be a part of healthcare change. You can get started at any level or at any time. 

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