Many people suffer from rejection sensitive dysphoria But an increase in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities that have been shut down to outside visitors and family members during the Covid pandemic has increased residence anxiety as well as apprehension and they’re strong desire to connect with the outside world or loved ones including family members and friends

What is Rejection sensitive dysphoria?

Dysphoria can have causes that aren’t due to underlying disease. Examples include mood variation, grief reaction, financial difficulties, difficulties in personal or work life, or response to tragedies in the news.

How can we help those in nursing homes comment.with their loved one’s?

Many nursing homes are seeing a problem with overwhelming desire to connect with the outside world and are leaning on companies that provide new technology in the disinfection world including those creating tunnel systems that will allow for individuals to be disinfected and then connected with their loved ones in a nursing home in a disinfected hi risk location minimizing the Covid spread but connecting the families in a while needed way .

Many loved ones are trying to reach their family members and friends inside nursing home facilities in with the risk of spreading Covid most nursing home facilities are in complete lockdown in fact many have all employees other testing two or three times a week if not daily for Covid and have also set up internal living quarters to minimize employees leaving the facility which then amplifies the problem even for those front line caregivers.


Rejection sensitive dysphoria increased due to COVID-19




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