Visiual Analytics in healthcare

The healthcare industry can no longer rely on time-consuming monitoring by employees, environmentally harmful reports in paper form, or unfathomable Excel tables. Reporting processes can (and will) be implemented much more efficiently and, above all, more clearly through the use of Visual Analytics.

Visual Analytics and its tools facilitate the combination of human knowledge and data analysis, which in turn increases the value of the monitoring and visualisation of complex and diverse data, displaying them in real time.

It is important to be aware of the significant requirements in design when developing a Visual Analytics solution inhouse. Alternatively, it might be preferable to use state-of-the-art business intelligence software from the beginning. Either way, the goal should always be to optimise the tool’s user-friendliness and thereby achieve a higher user acceptance rate.

Visual Analytics Dashboards

Dashboards are a popular and useful tool for visualising claims processes. From an operational perspective, this can mean a visual display of claims case load and service times, potential enhancement of the preparation of audit reports, or flexibility in the monitoring of costs and growth rates. For insured losses, a dashboard helps with the direct evaluation of contract-related data because it can be visualised in an effective and efficient way.

Visual Analytics can be tailor-made for specific products. In Disability insurance, for example, dashboards can help to improve the presentation of an insured person’s information about his or her financial income situation and to highlight irregularities.

Visual analysis and interactive dashboards can create a visualised 360-degree view of a benefit case when enough basic data is available. This can also be used at the management level to monitor average cash values, processing times, or other external effects. A random accumulation of early claims, or the localisation of many claims from the same environment, are just two examples.

Data Visualisation can be divided into three different subtopics:

  • Information Design
  • Visual Business Intelligence
  • Visual Analytics

Fortunately, the evolution of data visualisation techniques is making it possible to generate added value in areas such as nursing home operations.


Visual Analytics for Nursing Home Management and Eldercare Quality Improvement




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