We are excited to announce our top visited nursing homes for the 3rd Quarter 2020 and acknowledge our top contributors, doctors, researchers and teams.

It has been a hard year, but these homes have responded and are among the top on out netowork.

We also want to recognize all the hard work our contributors, researchers, doctors and nurses supplied to help create amazing content and provide up-to-date resources on some very complex topics like:

Top Questions Asked from Consumers on NHQC

Can you be in a nursing home and have medicare advantage?

Certain nursing homes have contracts with Medicare plans, such as Medicare Advantage plans 2021-2022 (Medicare Part C). In such cases, the plan might help pay for the nursing home care. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan or a Medicare Supplement insurance plan, ask your plan provider about their nursing home coverage.

Does medigap pay for nursing homes?

Typically no. If Medicare does not cover an expense then the Medigap Plans will not cover the balance. In some cases there might be benefits if you have Long Term Care or additional benefits added to your plan.

What is the closest nursing home near me?

This question is from the caregiver or family member trying to coordinate care for a loved one or parent while keeping proximity so they can have regular access looking for Nursing Homes Around Me.


Top Nursing Homes Q3 2020




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