Many understand the direct impact of COVID-19 on the nursing home population but the problem was amplified in the states that were already having problems with care prior to covid pandemic.

Nursing Home Problems in Texas are among the highest offenders as of 2016

Positive Steps have been made in Texas included in that list is:

  • Increased Government Acknowledgment
  • More Family Interaction
  • Non-profit awareness campaigns
  • Carrier and Payor Increased pressure on quality outcomes
  • Media Pressure
  • Mandated Training
  • Education
  • Nursing Home Disinfection Protocol

More people live in nursing homes in Texas than on the island of Gavelston, and they should be afforded the same quality of care any other population of that size is provided yet more tax dollars go into tourism, entertainment, and the driving factors of the economy of the island than into increasing the quality of care in the elder population?

Texas Medicare System:

The medicare system in Texas is trending in the right direction and an overwhelming show os support from all parties involved are looking into how to make the Texas Health Care system better including many players (some you may not of even thought of) who not only know it is the RIGHT THING TO Do but it also helps the bottom line of many for-profit companies like:

  • Texas Medicare Supplements (get more information)
  • Texas Health Carriers and Insurance Plans
  • Self Insured Companies
  • Hospital Systems
  • Provider Networks and more

Keeping our seniors health is not only the right thing to do, but it relieves the strain on the healthcare system allowing for chronic and emergent care.

Acknowledgments :

The Texas Academy of Family Physicians
5,500 hard-working members with a Mission: The Texas Academy of Family Physicians is the
premier membership organization dedicated to uniting the
family doctors of Texas through advocacy, education and
member services, and empowering them to provide a medical home for patients of all ages.

The Texas Chapter of the American
College of Physicians Services

6,250 dedicated members
Mission: The mission of the Texas Chapter of the American
College of Physicians is to promote quality health care for all
Texans by strengthening the practice of internal medicine.

These organizations are part of a collective group of Texas Caregivers who want more for their aging population and are working tirelessly to move the bar to become one of the leading states in the country in healthcare!


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