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Surgical Data For Sale - Healthcare Quality Improvement Campaign

Data Structure and Outputs

A Nationwide de-identified clinical registry covering all data and research needs. This includes Episodic data, Longitudinal Data, RWE Data, Patient Reported Data, and Outcomes Data captured across a variety of specialties and services.

´╗┐Surgical Procedure

Billing and reimbursement 

Referral information

Treatment for possible infection

Patient health status



Problem list

Medication history

Pharmacy information

Exercise physiology


Behavioral health

Smoking cessation

COVID-19 Infection Status

Coordination of care

Post-operative follow up 

Medication management 

Pain management 


Antigen test results pre and post operative

Antibody Test Results pre and post operative

Vaccination status and compliance

Blood testing

Reported Adverse RX reactions

Genetic Testing

Rapid and PRC Test results

Types of Surgical Related Data Available

Supply Chain Data

OR Data

Surgical Site Infection Rate

Surgical tools and equipment by manufacturer

Bariatric Surgery

Gastroenterology Surgery

 Orthopedic Surgery

Spine Surgery

Neck Surgery

Ophthalmology Surgery

Urology Surgery

General Surgery

Plastic/Reconstruction Surgery

Gender Reassignment Surgery

Cardiology Surgery

ENT/Facial Reconstruction Surgery


Diseases of the Nervous System 

Diseases of the Eye & Ears 

 Diseases of the Circulatory System 

Diseases of the Digestive 

Diseases of the Musculoskeletal 

Diseases of the Genitourinary

Diseases of the Skin

Elective Procedures

Knee Replacement Surgery

Joining Replacement Surgery

Hip Replacement Surgery

Facial Reconstruction Surgery

Upper and Lower Extremity Surgery

Back and Spine Surgery

Foot and Ankle Surgery

Rotator Cuff Surgery                                                                            

Endometrial hyperplasia     

Bunion repair               

Mencius tear                                                                          

Nasal repair                     

Gause and bandages


Wound healing rates

Creams and therapeutics  

Surgical Data

Surgical data captured in various inpatient and outpatient settings and includes pre and postoperative follow up patient and provider treatment data covering +1,000 different types of surgical procedures. 

Surgical Registry Includes:  Longitudinal clinical history, surgical information and outcome, infection rate, referral information, medication history, problem list, conditions, images, lab results, imaging, text and transcription data, therapeutic and treatment, recovery status and outcome, Insurance claims and billing, reimbursement rates, and COVID-19 status on patient prior to surgical procedure. 

Data can be accessible in the form of historical data and RWE/RWD, with the ability to reserve prospective data 3 years in advance. All 3 types of data can be combined into one single package.

Years of Historical Data: 15 Years

Geographic Locations Available: 48 States

Data Collection Settings: Inpatient, Outpatient, Employer, TPA, and EMR

A few things we’re great at

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Cataract surg w/iol 1 stage

Egd biopsy single/multiple

Colonoscopy and biopsy

Colonoscopy w/lesion removal

Drain/injection in joint/bursa 

Diagnostic colonoscopy

Routine venipuncture

Injection eye drug

Injection foramen epidural l/s

After cataract laser surgery

Routine venipuncture

Egd biopsy single/multiple

Fetal non-stress test

Colonoscopy and biopsy

Deb subq tissue 20 sq cm/<

Colonoscopy w/lesion removal

Drain/inj joint/bursa w/o us

Repair of superficial wound: scalp, neck, genitalia, trunk, extremities; 2.5cm/<

Diagnostic colonoscopy

Capillary blood draw

Cataract surg w/iol

Esophagogastroduodenoscopy biopsy single/multiple

Colonoscopy and biopsy

Colonoscopy w/lesion removal

Diagnostic colonoscopy

Injection foramen epidural l/s

Knee arthroscopy/surgery

Total knee arthroplasty

Carpal tunnel surgery

Injection paravertebral facet joint lumbar/sacral spine 1 lev

Esophagogastroduodenoscopy biopsy single/multiple

Colonoscopy and biopsy




Laparoscopic cholecystectomy




Cataract surg w/iol 1 stage




Colonoscopy w/lesion removal




Diagnostic colonoscopy




Laparoscopic hysterectomy




Laparoscopic appendectomy




Insj/rplcmt defib w/lead(s)




Routine venipuncture

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