Medicare Advantage subscribers who want to change their Medicare Advantage plan have only a few more days before the December 7th deadline. If you have a Medicare Supplement or Medigap plan and are happy with it, not action required at this time.

How to change my Medicare Advantage Plan?

  1. First determine what start rating your current plan has.

    If your current plan only has a 4 star or less and you have a new plan in your area that is a 5 star plan you are in a different time bracket and the Dec 7th date may not apply if you are planning on moving to the 5 star plan.

  2. If the plan you are on has changes or dropped your doctor, this is a good time to change.

    Find the MA or MAPD that has your doctor and change to that plan.

  3. Who can help me find a plan?

    You can work with a local agent or call a national Medicare Insurance help line at 1-800-MEDIGAP

  4. Make Changes Online

    You can work directly with the carrier or you can work with a multi plan broker who can help you navigate your way through the maze of plans.

  5. Consider a Medicare or Medicare Supplement with a stand alone Drug plan.

    These private plans may provide more flexibility, discuss with your agent or advisor get free Medigap Quotes

  6. New To Medicare?

    You might have a window of time that will allow you to get a supplemental plan based on the day you started your Medicare Part B.

  7. How do you get money back in your social security check?

    Some plans have figured out how to be profitable and give the consumer money back which is a major draw to many of these MONEY BACK Medicare Advantage plans.

Does Medicare Cover rejection sensitive dysphoria

Rejection sensitive dysphoria is covered if required by a doctor.

Are color blind glasses covered by medicare?

Color Blind glasses with a prescription may be covered by vision insurance.

Are nursing homes required to follow qsen?

Quality and Education Standards (QSEN competencies) are set by a work group and not medicare.

Is rehabilitation for drugs covered by Medicare Supplements?

A rehab center may be covered by your supplement if the first 80% is covered by medicare a plan like Medicare supplement plan G.Medicare Supplement Plan G


Medicare Advantage Annual Election Period for 2021 Ends December 7th




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