Medical Sharing Plans like do not cover or share expenses in a nursing home for short or long term stay. In-fact they do not pay for nursing home , long term care or hospice related expenses.

Long Term Care Sharing

Many people know they are going to need help paying for extended stay in facilities as they age. The best options for that type of benefit ir to purchase a long term care insurance plan. MORE INFO

Medicare Supplement Sharing Medigap Alternative

Many people hit 65 and retire with our enough hours into the system so they do not get medicare part a and medicare part b which makes them ineligible for a medigap plan, howerve a Medical sharing plan may be something that can help with medical expenses if they qualify under the medical sharing plan for seniors.

Non-Insurance Plans

If you are struggling to pay the bills and have dropped your major medical insurance and are looking for an alternative….millions have been medical sharing plans that offer sharing benefits for medical expenses based on the plan details.

Not all plans are alike but many of them meet the federal requirements so check with your tax advisor and or a professional to pick the plan that meets your needs.

Types of Medical Sharing:

  • Group medical Sharing
  • Family Medical Sharing plans
  • Individual medical Sharing Plans

The price and benefits will vary between plans and are based on location, level, and age…as well as medical risks, and tobacco use in the household.


Medical bill sharing alternatives to health insurance, do they work for nursing home care?




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