Nursing homes that agree to commit to working on at least three (3) goals will be considered participating providers, and their aggregate progress towards meeting the campaign goals will be monitored on a regular basis. Participating providers will receive assistance and guidance from their Local Area Networks for Excellence (LANEs) to help them work towards their goals.
CustomersParticipating consumers will help promote the campaign by helping to create awareness of the campaign and what constitutes good quality. Participating consumers can use this information to help direct loved ones to high quality providers and also help others raise their knowledge and expectations when seeking long-term care.
LANEThe campaign depends on dedicated, proactive leaders playing a central role in driving and coordinating nursing home improvement work at the local level. Each LANE will work as a team, with the LANE Convener and other LANE Members providing effective, timely assistance and support to local participating providers. If interested in participating in a LANE, please contact 


Goal #1: Reducing pressure ulcers.

The campaign’s first clinical goal (Goal 1) measures how nursing homes prevent or reduce pressure ulcers,
also known as bed sores, for residents. Nursing home residents who cannot easily reposition themselves
are often susceptible to this condition and need special care. Proven techniques can reduce and almost
eliminate this uncomfortable and potentially dangerous condition. The campaign goal is for 50,000 fewer
residents to suffer from bed sores by September, 20081.

Goal #2: Reducing the daily use of physical restraints.

The second clinical goal (Goal 2) will help residents to remain independent as well as safe. While physical
restraints were once regarded as necessary for the safety of some residents, today the practice is to greatly
reduce and even eliminate restraint use in nursing homes. Research has proven that restraints increase the
likelihood of injury and may cause serious problems that jeopardize health and quality of life. The campaign
will help nursing homes to learn the best ways to minimize restraints, and the goal is for at least 30,000
fewer residents to use restraints by September 20081.

Goals #3 & #4: Improving the management of pain in long stay residents and short-stay residents.

The next two goals will help residents with painful medical conditions to lead more comfortable, pain-free

lives by treating them for pain. By September 2008, 40,000 fewer long-stay (Goal 3) and 130,000 fewer
short-stay (Goal 4) residents will experience moderate-to-severe pain on a daily basis, due to efforts of the

Goal 5: Setting individualized targets for clinical quality improvement.

In order to stay on track of their efforts to improve quality, nursing homes can set improvement targets in
the Advancing Excellence campaign. Nursing homes that regularly set quality improvement targets are
more likely to be committed to improving the quality of care they provide to their residents. The first of four
process goals (Goal 5) is for 90 percent of all nursing homes to set annual clinical quality targets, using a
system designed and assisted by Quality Improvement Organizations.

Goal #6: Measuring resident and/or family satisfaction and incorporating this information to quality
improvement activities.

The campaign has a process goal for more than 80 percent of nursing homes to assess resident and family
experience of care (Goal 6) and incorporate this information into their quality improvement plans.

Goals #7 & #8: Measuring nursing staff turnover and developing action plans to improve staff

retention, and adopting “consistent assignment.”
The last two campaign goals involve staffing issues. By September 2008, approximately 35,000 fewer
staff will leave their jobs each year2, and to improve quality of life, 80 percent of nursing homes will
measure staff turnover and satisfaction (Goal 7). One-third of homes will adopt “consistent assignment” of
CNAs to residents (Goal 8).
Regular campaign updates showing progress will be posted on the campaign Web site at In addition, the campaign will provide a listing of the homes participating to
allow consumers, providers and organizations (such as state and national associations) to track which
homes have enrolled.


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