Millions of people listen to Dr. Fauci like he is the answer to all the questions. He is in the spotlight but we want to provide real thought leadership regarding COVID, the future of healthcare and an outlook from someone who has different experience and outlook.

Who should engage and questions we try to answer?

  • Stakeholders News
  • Why genetics plays a bigger role than you think
  • Short and long term effects of COVID?
  • Reliability of COVID tests
  • New laws employers and employees must follow? 
  • Where we go from here?
  • New Technology?


We have found an expert in health care who is an advocate for the people and has actually been through another outbreak. In the interview he will share the other outbreak with you and his thoughts on many repetitive healthcare and COVID related topics.

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What is HY-PE

HY-PE is what happens before the news. We are focused on bringing you the latest news and educational information so you can make wise decisions once you have several views to pull your decision making process from. We know the more informed you are the better you will be for yourself and the community you live in.

Here are the top questions we will try to get answers for. Remember this is for your information always consult your trusted medical professional for your healthcare and treatment options. If you are having an emergency call 911

Healthcare Advocate FAQ’s

What blood type is less likely to get COVID-19

Blood type O is less likely to get covid says the health advocate.
Importance of blood type and differences in outcomes and treaments 
Who is at higher risk
-Why those at lower risk still need to be vigilant and although not sick may still be a carrier 
-Is donating blood important? And does it help with covid? What is covelescenant blood treatment and does it work with COVID?
-Why are the number of antibodies important?

Will the vaccine be available to all?

It will be some day in the future but it is most likely that first responders and high risk individuals will be able to get the first batches.

Who should define roles during a pandemic?

-The government’s role – they dont create rules, they vote to approve or disapprove rules. 
-Biopharma and pharmas role – they sell drugs and are required to do r&D, not by choice
-Public health agencies  – little to no funding and no authority 
Academia – 
-The public should be fully educated.
– third party non-biased vessel for real information

What are some of the Problems behind the scenes?

-No gameplan 
-Wrong affiliations and outlets (salesforce and military to distribute vaccines?)
-Healthcare is designed for Medicare with 7,000 new people turning 65 a day, however 70% of all decisions will be made by millennials.  So we (under 65) actually win everyime a medicare patient dies, but have you ever said, “nice, another 4 people died since lunch, thats an extra .18 cents we just saved”. No. We arent stocks.  But thats how it works.
-A fixed payment system – so for every dollar they spend on testing on vaccines, it comes out of somethgn else.. 
-No historical data / how we are fixing that
-EMRs not allowed to update for covid 
-Many people have been tested so compiling 6-8 months of tests is timely and not currently an option for most employers or managers of large amounts of people

Employer/Employee responsibilities during COVID?

What are most employers doing today to get back to work?
Are there new laws employers and employees must follow? 
Concerns about working remotely -, burn out at all time high
Stats 1,2,3 on employees and their willingness to comply with new covid guidelines
How marijauana and covid interact, and why this may be the new great era of an unforeseen opioid epidemic 
Interesting preventative measures in the workplace such as sanitizers, crowd flow management, and remote questions that may help the employer determine eligibility status
Why Preparedness Plans will be key to a safe work environment 
Can you still work during covid? And are you required to tell your employer? 
Other factors that may be important such as spread through air conditioners 

Top questions about the COVID TESTS antigen and antibody?

What you need to know about antibody tests, antigen tests, and vaccines and why they are important:
False positives can be more dangerous than real positives  
Antigen tests described 
Antibody tests described (PCR, POC, CLIA waived, etc)
Does the vaccine work? Who is going to need to get the vaccine? Who does not qualify?  Who is
 going to pay for it?  Where can I get it?  
How do I store my results and/or my family members results so I can store and share with my doctor?
Do I need one to travel, have surgery, or return to work? 
Does my insurance cover? And how often? How do I know if my insurance covers?
Do titiers, religious exemptions, or notes from mom apply? 
Frequency of different groups being tested (patients, athletes, healthcare workers, politicians, essential workers, military)

COVID-19 Antigen Test

Why COVID is changing the treatment of care and how we are doing so:
SARS acting as a pain reliever – partial reason for asymptomatic. Red flag if patient is 2 weeks post-op and reported pain level is a 2 when should be a 4. 
Quarantine if IGG is a great time for additional treatments such as fall training, and other services offered 
New tests and technology now allowed to be adminissted by your physician without the need to go to a lab!
I got tested, now what do these results mean?
Blood type has a role / percentage difference in hospitalization, mortaility, or not experiencing symptoms at all.  How to check your blood type

What is the Viral shedding period for POSITIVE Antigen Test?

Viral shedding period 5-7 months explained
And which groups of people should are “okay” together and which are not based on result. 
Do I need to get tested again? And how often?  
What does recovered mean?  
How and why its so important to NOT get covid twice

Does my Medicare Supplement cover covid testing?

If Medicare has approved testing then your Medicare Supplement should follow the same coverage as any other covered benefit on Medicare Part A & B


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