The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), a Federal research agency, does not provide medical advice or referrals. National Institute […]
1,who founded telligen? 2,how to submit a telligen pre authorization? 3,what is telligen for blue choice? 4,what type of drug […]
By Jessie Arnold Nursing home abuse was rampant even before Covid. We worry about ourselves and our loved ones in […]
Patients in nursing homes face many fears and uncertainties and may feel they have no one to advocate for them. […]
HINT: Your loved one has been approved for nursing home care and is in their 100 day window but gets […]
If you have turned 65 or have started Medicare part a and part B and are wondering what the status […]
the basics Medicare Savings Programs (MSPs), also known as Medicare Buy-In programs or Medicare Premium Payment Programs, help pay your Medicare costs if […]
Gradual dose reduction (GDR) is a term used often in the long term care facilities. In the past, GDR has […]
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