Patients ask me almost daily for advice regarding weight-loss medications. In general, diet changes and implementing an exercise routine stand […]
Most common cause of daily head aches: Sinus pressure from allergies. Talk to your doctor about starting allergy medication, or […]
When should the family doctor step in? Ideally, the conversation should be started well before the patient is incapacitated and […]
All excellent questions! The key to long, happy life lies in PREVENTATIVE medicine. Regardless of your age, you should see […]
The average age a child is taken in the United States hovers around 10 years old. Sexually trafficked patients can […]
Blood pressure oscillates naturally in response to bodily changes. Often people use their home BP monitors and contact their health […]
Blood thinners can simultaneously save your life, and end it, depending on a delicate balance of clot factors in your […]
Doctor Bruce Colton sees patients as an eye doctor at Bright Eyes Vision Clinic in Murphy, Texas. Patients come from: […]
Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) addresses the challenge of preparing nurses with the competencies necessary to continuously improve […]
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