Dr. Daniel Goldberg is the first to incorporate the recent knowledge of the actual movement of the ciliary muscle during […]
As mentioned in the original summary above, Jackson Coleman postulates that the zonules have little to do with accommodation with […]
Helmholtz and Schachar  held diametrically opposed views of how the ciliary muscle and the zonules work during accommodation.     When Helmholtz […]
The ciliary body is made up of two components – the ciliary processes and the ciliary muscle.  The ciliary muscle […]
Another interesting aspect  concerning the crystalline lens is its change in refractive index with aging.   As seen in the earlier […]
Mary Ann Croft, believe the reduction in the circumlental space is due to growth or relaxation of the ciliary body […]
Important Facts: The optical structure of the eye is composed of two systems for different ranges of vision: Distance Vision […]
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