by Jessie Arnold It is widely known that nursing homes have been hit the hardest by COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, […]
Providers, including nursing homes, have seen extra expenses and lost revenue due to coronavirus. They’ve faced these costs not only […]
What is the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 The novel coronavirus is a respiratory illness that is highly contagious. Most often, it […]
By Jessie Arnold What is a Guardianship of an Adult? Guardianship is intended to help elderly and disabled people who […]
Even during normal times, nursing homes change hands relatively often. The additional regulations related to COVID, the potential for lawsuits […]
One primary way the elderly are able to afford nursing home care is through the use of Medicaid benefits. Medicaid […]
by Jessie Arnold This article will provide 7 considerations for risk management for nursing homes dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak. […]
by Jessie Arnold Despite the early knowledge that patients in nursing homes were at great risk of infection and death […]
By Jessie Arnold Nursing home abuse was rampant even before Covid. We worry about ourselves and our loved ones in […]
Patients in nursing homes face many fears and uncertainties and may feel they have no one to advocate for them. […]
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