Homeland Security has published and recommended the following for COVID as of Dec 8, 2020.  Prophylaxis vitamin C 1,000mg twice […]
Almost daily I hear my patients tell me they are sick and tired of back pain. Immobility causes weight gain, […]
It’s no secret that the average American diet consists mostly of fake, processed food. Somehow fresh vegetables steadily became unaffordable, […]
When blinking your eyelids feels like crunching through sand with a kid’s shovel at the beach, then you know you’ve […]
For all things, these are excellent questions to consider asking. Don’t always rely on your healthcare provider to make all […]
Did you know we should spend 1/3 of our lives asleep? Not only that, but sleep debt accumulates, and must […]
I’m most concerned with the mental health of my patients, especially as the country approaches the holidays. Governments toy with […]
Patients ask me almost daily for advice regarding weight-loss medications. In general, diet changes and implementing an exercise routine stand […]
Most common cause of daily head aches: Sinus pressure from allergies. Talk to your doctor about starting allergy medication, or […]
When should the family doctor step in? Ideally, the conversation should be started well before the patient is incapacitated and […]
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